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SEO Tactics That Will Not Work Anymore

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There are those who believe that SEO is dead or dying this 2018. This has led to confusion for new business owners who have come to know about SEO and its relevance in building a brand. Does SEO still work?

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The truth of the matter is search engines have evolved and there are SEO tactics and strategies that will not work anymore if applied today. These so-called strategies can be considered dead or dying when it comes to SEO.

Search engines have always prioritized high-quality content as a ranking factor in order for a website to get higher rankings in search results. This has led some experts to think that as long as you come up with great content, you no longer need to do SEO. Content marketing is an important factor, but it can’t work well on its own. Without the proper SEO optimization of a website, there is a chance that no one will get to know about your stellar content. This is why SEO still has a role to play, which can’t be overlooked.

There was a time when SEO practices that are unethical or what we call black hat were getting results in search engine rankings. Now that we have the Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates a lot of these tactics are now being penalized. These updates make SEO all the more relevant today. Websites should be using SEO practices that are in line with current Google updates and guidelines.

With the current SEO trends, there are things that will not work anymore. To answer the question, does SEO still work? It is alive and kicking in 2018.

Gone are the days when people can stuff their content with a lot of keywords and get good results in page rankings. Links that are paid for are also a thing of the past, same with spamming and coming up with low quality and irrelevant content. Search engines have gotten rid of all artificial page rankings and this has made their users get a higher satisfaction rating with their search engine experience.

Having websites that are optimized for mobile is now a necessity. Businesses have reported that they get a lot more inquiries from mobile devices than their desktop versions. This makes mobile optimization more important than ever. With Google’s shift to a mobile-first priority, companies cannot have just one version of their website that is not compatible with mobile. Research has also shown that many mobile users buy or transact directly from their mobile devices.

This is a trend that business should take advantage of. They should come up with ways to make things faster and more convenient when it comes to closing and making transactions with their mobile version websites. Security features should be upgraded to give consumers a reason to trust you with their sensitive information like credit card credentials.

Speed in website loading and closing transactions is essential for users. Your website may be loading at a lightning-quick pace, but customers may be put through so many procedures in order to buy a product from you. Being efficient with transaction procedures will help give customers a great user experience and make them want to deal with you more often and may even recommend their friends and family to buy from you if they are satisfied with your product or service.

Search engines are also starting to process real speech patterns. This should be taken into consideration when coming up with short and long tail keywords. Experts expect a trend in shifting to voice search options especially with new technologies like better speech recognition in our devices. Typing in a search may be slightly different from using a voice search. We need to take note of these small differences because they may affect search engine display results. This is why we should start changing our keywords to mimic real speech patterns.

How To Rank My Blog

Let’s get it right. Ranking a blog is not just about knowing all the intricacies of keyword search and Google’s algorithms and trying to use technical expertise to be number one. Blog ranking is first of all based on excellent blog production or excellent content conceptualization and good blog writing, regardless of the relevant keywords, or so it seems.

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The experts at HOWTOMAKEMYBLOG or Search Engine Optimization for Blogs have significant things to say that are truly worth noting. The goal is how to rank higher in Google. Organic traffic flows into the search engine of Google, and it’s free. People can discover your blog through the search mechanism.

What bloggers should know is that Google continually looks for new content by crawls on the internet, and then indexes the newly discovered content in its search results where it feels is appropriate. The media giant detects new content by following links, reading sitemaps, and looking at social media shares.

Since Google wants to please its millions of users, If someone uses Google to search for your blog, Google displays the most relevant and reputable content on top of its search results to answer any user’s query directly on the results page.

Meet Marko says there are no shortcuts, no easy ways and tricks, and scams that can get your blog to the top of search results. Although you can learn by buying SEO products, your primary focus has to be on the production of quality content, a long, hard way to the top of Google’s results and Google is evident on that. So how to rank your blog is how directly related to how to make high quality, relevant content that people will like, read, and later trust.

The higher the readers trust on your blog content and writing, the higher your blog will likely rank on Google’s pages, since the Google algorithm combined with artificial intelligence also reads the comments on your blog. Two essential elements are essential here. To get your blog content on top of Google’s search results, take care of the content relevancy of your blog and site reputation where your blog will be posted.

If you want your blog to rank higher on Google’s page, publish only incredible content that people care about, that visitors love and that honestly answers questions real people have. Reach out to influencers such as niche community admins, other bloggers, and journalists and get them to share and link to your content.

Don’t get obsessed with search engine optimization and backlinks that you neglect your target market and the content quality. Since Google algorithms evolve continually and change, don’t try to patch your blog to keep up with the latest algorithmic update. Don’t worry about the technical aspects of SEO and all about search engines and their algorithms.

If you trick your way up to the top of Google’s rankings using SEO, this will only make things worse for your blog. Worry how you are going to produce and publish great content, or high-quality content that could add value to the visitors. The bottom line is, generate high-quality blogs that people would love to read. Google will take care of the rest.

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