What You Need To Know About Black Hat SEO

When it comes to SEO there is a right way to do things and there is a wrong way. Blackhat SEO is a technique used to get higher rankings in search results that go against search engine guidelines. These are considered unethical and has a corresponding penalty from search engines. search engine optimization guide.

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Having your website on the front page of search results is vital for building a brand. Some of the known black hat tactics include keyword stuffing, buying links and low-quality content. In this article, we give you a search engine optimization guide so that you will know more about these tactics and avoid them at all costs.

Google penalizes black hat tactics because they want their users to have the best experience and get search results that are of the highest quality. Algorithms are updated on a regular basis in order to fight and penalize those who continue to use black hat.

White hat SEO is the accepted way of doing search engine optimization. Ethical tactics are used which takes into consideration terms and guidelines that search engines have set. White hat SEO focuses on providing the highest quality of content possible in order to attract more visitors to a website.

It is useful to learn about black hat tactics not only to avoid them but also to learn how they can be used to further enhance your white hat SEO tactics.

Keyword Stuffing
This refers to the practice of putting irrelevant keywords in a lot of places on your content. The aim is to manipulate the search engines so that a page will rank higher in the search results. Having too many variations of the same keyword does not give value to the user. These may include phone numbers that are not needed by the user and texts that contain locations a web page is trying to sell to.

It is quite easy to spot if keywords start sounding like a broken record, then that is a perfect example of keyword stuffing for you.

This tactic uses different pieces of content shown to users and search engines. The goal is for the website to rank for a variety of keywords that are really irrelevant to the content. Spam websites are notorious for doing this and they try to avoid crawlers from finding out the spam content they give to users.

It is ok to come up with different content that targets different groups of users. Your desktop website may have more content compared to your mobile version which is acceptable. Language may also be changed depending on the location being targeted.

This tactic sends a user to a different URL than the one clicked on. A shady tactic to confuse a crawler to one page and other users to another page.

Highly trusted pages can be redirected to an irrelevant page so that rank position will be higher. The acceptable way of using redirects is when you are changing your website completely.

Low-Quality Content
This is a common strategy employed by black hat experts. Usually done by coming up with duplicate content and irrelevant content taken from other websites. You can’t add invisible keywords to your content. This is done by making the text color the same as the page background.

Bait and switch is also a black hat way of misleading search engines. Content is created on a topic that you want to rank for, once the page gets the ranking in the searches the content is changed to something else. This gives users a bad experience and this should not be practiced.

Now that you know about black hat SEO tactics, it is best to avoid them and start working on white hat SEO strategies that you can apply to your online marketing campaign

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